Sudan 365



Under the auspices of an umbrella of relief organisations and NGO’s Emer produced this film with the activist Jamie Catto to raise awareness of the impending Sudanese referendum in 2011 whereby North & South Sudan might separate. Given the history of brutal aggression and violence, the fear was that the referendum would reignite atrocities, and that the country’s fragile ceasefire would collapse. Our film was subtitled “A Beat For Peace” and featured contributions by some of the world’s most famous percussionists including Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Stewart Copeland of The Police and Dame Evelyn Glennie, the classical percussionist from the UK, in addition to drummers and drumming troupes from all over the world. Our film, which was supported & promoted by You Tube, was intended to draw attention to the fragility of the situation in Sudan and to encourage global diplomacy to assist the country to a peaceful transition to whatever outcome would be decided in their referendum.